Congratulations on your new little bundle. Capturing newborn images within the first few weeks of their life is essential in creating beautiful newborn portraiture.  The older babies get the less likely they are able to curl up, and sleep as often. Recommended age for newborn sessions is 5-14 days of age.

Your session can last up to 2 hrs., as we work around babies schedule and not our own. We want to make baby as comfortable and sleepy as possible. To get baby ready for their big debut try bathing and feeding baby immediately before leaving your home to head to the studio.

I have several years experience in handling babies and children, I have 6 of my own. Please don't worry about your babies safety as we will not do anything that is even remotely unsafe.

Babies pee and poop it is something newborn photographers deal with on a daily basis. Yes I have been peed and pooped on, it does not bother me. Rest assured all wraps and clothing have been laundered in Dreft.